Cat Wall Furniture


Let your kitty climb and explore in a new and exciting way. Cat shelves allow you to spoil your feline friend with cat furniture even if space is limited in your home.

Wall furniture is the latest innovation in cat furniture. We carry high-quality cat shelves and perches to mount on walls. Ceiling shelves are the newest addition to our collection, which are pieces that are installed overhead on the ceiling.

These products are ideal for smaller homes/apartments as they don’t take up any floor space. Like everything else in the Miss Kitty Cat Furniture line, they won’t distract from your home’s style. Our wall and ceiling furniture pieces meet the same high-quality standards that you can expect from all of our products.

And, most importantly, your cat will love them! Cats enjoy climbing and being up high, and these products allow them to do just that! Truly the purrfect solution for cat owners who want to provide a fun and safe play experience for their kitties while maximizing their home’s floor plan. Free shipping Australia-wide.

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